The McClane Children At Their Finest

Muse: *Taps pencil against chin, contemplates choices. * “Nope. I don’t like this. Something’s not right. You. Here. You, over there. Yes, you. The one with the silly grin on your face. Take a seat there.” *Scans area.* “Yeah. That’s better.”

Ethan: “Wait a minute. I’m not liking this. You just left me hangin’ with the hot chick. She all but wants me, and you’re telling me to have a seat and wait? What the hell have you been sniffing behind that screen?”

Kelsey: “Quit your whining. She’s got my first chapter swirling around in there. She has to get it out before she loses it.”

Ethan: *Shoots Kelsey a look.* “I knew I never should have let you into my book. You’re causing all sorts of problems, just like you always do. Trying to take over and worm your way into the spotlight. Ain’t gonna happen chica.”

Kelsey: *Rolls eyes.* “Ooh, I’m scared.”

Alec: “Children, please. Quit your bitchin’. I’m first.”

Ethan: *Glares at his brother.* “Shut up. You started this whole thing. Poppin’ into her head on her morning runs. If it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t be thinking of leaving me stranded to take care of your whiney ass.”

Muse: *Lets out a long-suffering sigh.* “It was that damn dinner scene that did this to me. If you obnoxious siblings don’t quit your fussing I’m going to go off and write Rusty’s book first. That’ll teach you.”

Rusty: *Leans back in his chair, props his feet up on the coffee table, rests his hands behind his head and whistles.*

Muse: *Throws hands up in the air.* “That’s it! It’s official. I’ve TOTALLY lost control of my book…and my characters…and my sanity.” *Leaves bickering children to themselves as she stalks off to find chocolate.*