Mish-Mash Blogger Blah

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this, just things that are on my mind.

An agent has shown interest in Marina’s Bane. Wahoo, yippie! For some reason, I’m not all that thrilled. I mean, I am, but I’m more at the “Oh, crap, now what do I do?” stage. In an email she mentioned there were “problems” that needed to be fixed, which means revisions. Which is no biggie…but I’ve been obsessing all weekend about what those “problems” could be. She called on Friday, but of course, I missed the call, so I have to wait until to tomorrow to phone her back.

And I’m still curious what the other agents who have the manuscript have to say about it. Have they read it? Did they like it? Will I hear from them soon? I don’t want to jump at the first agent who shows interest – I want to make an informed decision about representation (uh, yeah, right…informed. I feel like a first-year teacher standing in front of her first class on her first day, tongue-tied with no clue what she’s going to say or do.) So many questions running through my mind.

Which of course means I haven’t been able to write this weekend because I’ve beeen obsessing over the above. I’m on pg 18 of chapter 10 in the WIP, and if I had any self-motivation, I’d wrap that chapter up and move one. But I can’t. Between building the play structure from Hell (see below) and worrying about agents, I’ve accomplished zilch on the WIP. And I should be working on it now – but alas, I’m here blogging instead (What does that tell you about my procrastination skills?) Part of me says, “what’s the point?” I’m going to get a revision list tomorrow for MB and my focus will shift there, so why even worry about the WIP at all right now?

Because I should. Because I can’t just leave them hanging. Because the scene is in my head, I just can’t seem to make my fingers punch it into the computer.


On an unrelated topic, I think I’m going to enter a contest. I know, I know, I hate contests. I do, but this one looks okay. And I want to see what sorts of feedback WFM gets in a contest before the GH in Dec. Because I’m thinking of entering that one (Lord, why?).

And the play structure from Hell? Making progress. Worked on it all day yesterday with the DH. We now have the fort done (aside from all the fun stuff that needs to be attached, like the telescope, and driving wheel, and slide, etc.) But wow – it looks good! We began working on the monkey bars/swings today, but it started raining and Gremlin #3 wasn’t cooperating. So we bagged it, and DH decided to take Gremlin #1 to a baseball game instead (in the rain…don’t even try to figure that one out. I expect them home any time.). I guess we’ll be working on it again this week. But…the major construction is done – thank you, Lord.