Snoopy Dancing

The play structure from hell is finished!


Who knew building something from a kit would be so much work. Of course, if we didn’t have to deal with the three gremlins, it would have gone a lot faster, but I am proud to say we are now done, and it looks good. The kids are thrilled.

Well…they were. Until Gremlin #2 realized a family of spiders had taken over. He screamed like a little girl – over and over and over. I will actually be surprised if he uses the darn thing after the terror he experienced yesterday.

But, this is the result of all our hard work:

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Not too bad. 🙂

On the writing front, I am knee-deep in revisions for Marina’s Bane. And for all my grumbling to the contrary, I have to admit I’m liking the result. That agent’s suggestions were good – she obviously knows what she’s talking about. I have been a stress case the last few days, but hopefully I’m starting to get a handle on this thing and will be done soon. I did this same thing when I re-worked WFM – felt like I was floundering until I got into it, then realized it wasn’t nearly as bad as I made it out to be. Of course, my cp is sick to death of hearing me whine and complain – to which I owe her a great big THANK YOU! – but hopefully I have repelled those annoying flying doubt demons for the time being.

Ha! Yeah. Right. Until the next major crisis.

Have I mentioned how terrified I actually am of getting an agent? I mean, I’ve pretty much got this querying thing down. Write letter, send it out, receive rejection. Or more lately, write letter, send it out, get request, THEN get rejection. This whole ‘I like your work’ thing is new for me, and as great as it is, I’m a bit freaked about what comes next.

Wait. You mean I can’t just write and hide in my little hole? I have to actually talk knowledgeably about my book and my work and my characters? Ay ya ya…

DH is currently snoopy dancing, too. His company just announced bonus kickers for three of their products. Guess which sales force is the only one to have all three of those drugs? Oh yeah, DH’s sales force. He was uber-excited when he got home yesterday and told me his payout potential for the next few quarters. My mouth about hit the floor. Obviously, someone higher up didn’t realize one sales force had the potential to rake in the dough. He was so excited, he promised me a trip to Hawaii if he makes his goals. (And so far, that’s looking really likely.)

Baby, I’m there. And I’m holding you to it.

Then I told DH he could be my own personal romance hero if he takes me to Hawaii. And I might just be thankful enough to offer him the scene I just finished writing. 🙂 *said with an evil grin*

All in all, today is looking like a good day. 🙂