Finally – Nationals

Finally getting around to posting some pictures from Nationals. Only a few weeks late. 🙂

Here’s me with my partner in crime, Piper Lee, at the welcome reception. (I’m the sexy blonde. LOL) Did I mention she kept me up until 2 am every night? It was a week-long slumber party.

Another with Danita and Paty. They dragged me to the casino to gamble. All I wanted was a free drink. After losing $11 in the nickel slots, Piper so eloquently informed me that drink wasn’t free. (Piper Party Pooper)

Lissa Manley, Danita Shattuck, Leah Vale, Paty Jager.

A small part of our group after the Awards Ceremony. Danita Shattuck, Piper Lee, Paty Jager, Alice Sharpe, Me, and Genene Valleau. We were all dead tired because it was midnight and we’d been sitting for over three hours. It’s a wonder we could still smile!