Home Again, Home Again

I’m back. And I’m pooped. A vacation with the kiddos is not a vacation!

We had a great time, regardless. Swam, played miniature golf, drove go-carts, biked all over the place, had dinner with the DH sans kiddos (that was nice!). But I really am tired.

Very little writing got done. However, I did manage to plot out the next book. (A very rough, rough outline – but at least I know where it’s headed, and that’s all I need since technically, I’m not a plotter – wink, wink.) And the main characters for that one are starting to come alive in my head, so I’m getting antsy to get busy working on it.

As for the WIP, I wrote half the first scene in ch 22, then got bored and skipped ahead to the resolution in ch 24. (More fun to have a HEA then a deep, dark, black moment. LOL) I’m hoping to get back to 22 tomorrow and finish up this darn book. And then there are the rewrites…*sigh* It’s a neverending process. But since the CP said I can’t start the next one until this one is done, I’m stuck here for a few more days…or weeks…or months…

So much for vacation. Back to the grindstone.