“Well?” Coffee mug halfway to her lips, Maren Hudson pauses and looks up as the petite redhead slides into a chair across the table.

Lisa Maxwell frowns and pins her with a look. “You aren’t supposed to be drinking coffee.”

“It’s half regular, half decaf. I’m allowed one per day. And stop nagging. Just tell me how it’s going. I’m on pins and needles here.”

“You’re supposed to be off charming agents and editors.”

“I am. Now get on with it.”

Lisa glances around the busy coffee house. A cute blond at the counter flashes her an alluring grin. Now he looks enticing. Maybe she could talk that author chick into letting her have a little fun before things get too intense.


Maren’s voice drags at her attention, and she looks back at her friend. “The first chapter was all action. Very cool. I am a kick-ass heroine, that’s for sure.” She signals the waitress and orders a cup of java.

Maren laughs and sips her coffee.

“I’m serious. All I need is a whip and I could give that Dr. Jones a run for his money.”

“Cute. Get to the point.”

Lisa lets out a long-suffering sigh. “She’s got that SOB in chapter two. And it’s all starting off in his POV.”

“He’s the hero. He gets a POV.”

Lisa grimaces. “Well, I don’t like it.”

Grinning, Maren lifts a brow. “You just don’t like to be out of control. I hate to tell you this, but you’re stuck. Just go with the flow.”

“Like you?” Lisa grabs the mug from the waitress and takes a long swallow. “I don’t think so.”

Maren rolls her eyes and looks longingly toward the waitress as she crosses the restaurant refilling mugs. “Oh, stop your whining. You’re going to get your HEA. It’s a given.”

“I don’t want an HEA. I never asked for one.”

Maren smiles. “You have too many issues, Maxwell.”

“Exactly.” Lisa stands. “And right now my issue is that sexy blond over there with the piercing blue eyes. I’m going to go have some fun before my life turns to hell.”

“You do that.” Maren lifts her mug and swallows the last sip. “I hear he has a thing for redheads.”

“Then it’s my lucky day.”

“Your last.” Maren chuckles as Lisa walks away.