Pondering the WIP

Ever have a scene you’re trying to work toward, but things keep getting in the way?

That’s where I am at right now. Chapter twelve. I’m closing in on the first love scene, but I have a series of events that have to happen first. What I thought would be a couple of pages has turned into a whole freakin’ chapter, and I’m nowhere closer to that love scene now than I was before writing over the weekend.


Joan keeps asking me what’s stalling my progress. Nothing! It’s just all this other stuff that has to get in there for the plot. It’s pretty reminiscent of the days when my mother was teaching me to swim. She’d stand in the deep end (okay, deep to me, not to her) and hold her arms out, while I swam toward her. Little did I know, she’d take small steps backwards as I approached to encourage me to keep going. My characters seem to be doing that now…baby stepping themselves backwards, out of my reach.


To top it off, I awoke this morning with the beginnings of what I think is the flu. (Thanks, DH). I need to gather tax info, complete my GH judging (I only have one left. Woohoo!), finish laundry and work on that darn chapter. Not sure any of that is going to get done today.

In other news though, my first post is up over at Romance Worth Killing For! Go check it out!