Tagged by Linda. (Gosh, um…am I supposed to be thankful???)

current clothing: blue sweats, white long-sleeved tee
current hair: Down, messy
current refreshment: Water with lots of ice
current annoyance: My legs. They ache thanks to my nazi weightlifting instructor. Lunges suck, and that track/set was NOT easier than the normal one!
current avoidance: laundry
current smell: Chocolate. DH brought home chocolates for Valentine’s Day
current thing you ought to be doing: working on my love scene
current thing or things on your wall: The one I can see? The most fabulous sunset picture of Marigot Bay I took when we were in St. Lucia. Had it blown up, matted and framed for DH one Christmas.
current IM/person you’re talking to: No one. They left me.
current jewelry: Diamond ring
current book: See side bar. I have a bunch
current worry: Landing an agent
current favorite celebrity: None
current obsession: See current worry
current love: DH (always!)
current longing: See current worry and obsession
current disappointment: see current worry, obsession and longing (wow, is it just me or all of these basically the same question???)
current lyric in your head: “I’m gonna love you, like nobody loves you…” (From Keith Urban’s Making Memories of Us) – been stuck in my head all day.
current music: Home by Michael Buble
current favorite book: To The Brink by Cindy Gerard. AWESOME
current favorite movie: None. Although Wedding Crashers is a hit here, and DH has been telling the Gremlins to “lock it up” since I bought it for him.
current wish: A publishing contract
current happy thing: Learning I won in a contest
current undergarments: Huh?
current desktop picture: Purple tropical paradise. See picture:
current plans for tonight/weekend: To write
What are you currently doing? Dumb question. This darn questionnaire

Okay…I tag Paty, Piper, Christine and Teri. Have at it girlies. I’m going back to my love scene.