Happy, er, President’s Day

This is one of those holidays I used to love when I was teaching. A day off that wasn’t a major holiday you had to prep for like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Just a day to hang at home and veg out. And it was sure a kick to know all my non-public sector working friends all had to go to work and I didn’t. (Snicker, snicker)

Of course, that’s when I was teaching. Now that I’m home, it’s a day when all my Gremlins are home from school, when the banks are closed and the mail isn’t delivered, when the gym is PACKED with people who have the day off or need a place to drop their kids. And now as a non-teacher, it’s kind of annoying.

Although what’s really annoying today is that Gremlin #1 is grounded and stuck in the house with me. Ay ya ya…I see a day of nothing getting done. This is the part of parenting that totally sucks.

On a totally different note…Monday’s my day to post over at Romance Worth Killing For, and I did manage to get at least that done.

So Happy President’s Day! Hope it’s a good one.