When I was in college, my DH bought me a book one year as a Christmas present (among other things). It was Alexandra Ripley’s Scarlett: The Sequel To Gone With The Wind. I loved GWTW. Loved the book. Loved the movie. And I waited, rather impatiently, for the sequel to be released. DH knew that, hence why he got me the book. Now, if you’ve seen Scarlett, you know that it’s thick, and loooooong. And after my DH bought that book for me, he vowed never to buy me another book as long as I lived.

You see, once I get started on something, I can’t stop until I’m done. Ob-sess-ive. I opened Scarlett and didn’t stop reading until I was finished. I neglected everything around me including my studies. I’m like that with any book – whether it’s one I like or don’t like. There’s something in me that can’t rest until I finish whatever it is I’m focused on. I will stay up until 3am reading if I can, simply because I’m obsessive.

And that explains why I have been slack in blogging this week. I’ve been busy writing, trying to finish the WIP. And I’m making good progress, moving into the climax and the nitty gritty stuff of wrapping up the whole thing. Hopefully I’ll get there soon.


Poor DH. 🙁 Little did he know all those years ago his wife would decide to write, and it wouldn’t just be one book, but a whole career of books that would eat up her time.

Happy Writing.