Here’s Why I Don’t Plot

It’s no secret I’ve been stalled on the wip. I wrote the first part of the climax and haven’t been able to write more. Why? I wasn’t sure. I thought it was life getting in the way. I thought it was me just being tired. Last night I figured it out.

My bad guy is the wrong bad guy.

Well, Duh. That’s a no brainer!

I’ve known who my villain was from the start of this book. While I don’t plot, I’ve had this “idea” and could see the story play out in my mind (my version of plotting). I’ve built toward the climax and the unveiling moment when he’s revealed. But last night it hit me – he couldn’t have done it. He’s not behind it all. It just doesn’t work if he’s the one. Therefore, it has to be someone else. And I think maybe I’ve figured out who. It makes a lot more sense. I feel like a light bulb’s been turned on. And maybe, just maybe, it means I can start writing again.

Of course, now I have to go back and change a few things, but surprisingly, not that much. (And whoohee, it doesn’t change much my CP‘s already critted, thank goodness.)

I’m going to go leave you now and avoid cleaning the house by writing.

Gah! Almost forgot about that damn Easter bunny thing.

Okay, writing AFTER the Easter bunny goes shopping. Wish me luck…

Oh, crap. Then I have to clean the house because we’re hosting Easter dinner tomorrow night.

*pounding head on keyboard*

Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of writing????