What Now?

The girls over at Romance Worth Killing For are blogging about that age-old question, what now? I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet regarding the topic, milling it over myself, but, ironically, find I’m in the same quandry.

The last month has been busy for me. I whipped SOS into shape for a requesting editor and got it out the door. In addition, I finished MMB, completed the edits this week and sent it off to the requesting agent. It feels so good to be totally done, and I’m really happy with the way MMB turned out. Regardless of whether or not this agent wants it, it’s ready to be sent out on the rounds. I feel optimistic about it. Now that both are finished though, I find myself looking around like Joan, thinking, what next?

The last two ms’s I wrote were very different. Both RS, both involving murder and mayhem, but different tones and themes. SOS was dark and heavy with slightly disturbing (depending on who you ask) subject matter. MMB was lighter, more of an action/adventure/run-for-your-lives type book with its fair share of humor and sarcasm. Both type of books appeal to me. Both are rewarding to write in completely different ways.

Now, the question is, what do I turn to next? I have two ideas bouncing around in my brain. Again, both are different RS’s – one’s dark and heavy, one’s a little lighter, more humorous. Both are pulling at me equally. I’m not the type of person who can write two books at once, so I need to pick one and go. They each pose their own challenges – dark can be hard to write because it takes you places you might not want to go; sarcastic is hard to keep up through the whole book without feeling like you’ve drained your creative juices. I’m just not sure which one to clamp on to first and run with.

So what do you guys think? Which way do you think I should go and why? What type of RS books do you prefer – dark and heavy or lighter, more humorous?