Most Favorite Thing

Sitting around the dinner table tonight, we tried to have a meaninful conversation with our kids. They wanted to eat and go play. DH and I were trying to foster family “together” time. So DH asked each of the kids what their favorite thing to do is. Here are the answers:

Gremlin #1 (she’s seven) – “Swimming.”

Gremlin #2 (he’s four and as we all know, four-year-olds take four times as long to answer any question) – “Writing on T-shirts (they just did this at school), no wait . . . swimming! (because his sister just said it), no, wait . . . I know, eating! (because that’s what he’s doing at the time), no, I’ve got it this time . . . baseball! (probably the most honest answer of the bunch).”

Gremlin #3 (he’s one) – bababababggagagagag

Me – “Sleeping because I never get enough of it.”

To which DH laughed and said that doesn’t count. Then he proceeded to answer for me. My favorite thing to do (according to him) is to go on vacation to a sunny beach, recline in the sun and read a book.

After fifteen years together, I’d say he knows me pretty well. 🙂

So what’s your most favorite thing to do?