It’s been a while since I posted a Bryce-ism, and this one was too funny to pass up.

As many of you know, DH and I are huge OSU Beaver fans, and the Beavs are still alive in the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. Last night they played Rice University in an elimination game (they won, by the way, and are now playing Rice again tonight in a live-or-die game for both teams. The winner goes on to the final series). So we’re in the car coming home from the club last night where I’d just taken the kids swimming and DH had gone to work out. DH – who is the biggest baseball nut you ever met – is sitting in the passenger seat talking to me about OSU’s chances in the game while I’m driving. And he says, “They just need to beat up on Rice tonight.”

Now Bryce, sitting all the way in the back of the suburban (and who has radar ears), perks up and says, “Hey! You want someone to beat up on me? That’s not fair!”

To which DH and I both chuckled, and DH says, “No, honey. Rice. Without a B.”

Bryce frowns and says, “No, Dad. There’s a B.”

DH shakes his head, twists around in his seat and says, “No, Rice. R-I-C-E. It’s a school.”

And Bryce, the smart four-year-old that he is, replies, “Daaaaad. It’s B-R-Y-C-E! And school’s over!”

Gotta love ’em…