Home again, home again

Geez, blogger is being temperamental. I’ve been trying to post pics from nationals over at

Don’t think I got to bed before 1am any night, and Lisa’s alarm went off way too early every morning. But it was fun. Even with about 5 hrs sleep per night, it was fun. Sorta like one great big slumber party. Alice and Lisa were hilarious roommates to have.

Oh, and this was funny…every single person who checked my ID thought I was trying to pass off fake ID. I had to have my license renewed when I was 8 mo. pg with Gremlin #3 and I was HUGE. I also had my hair pulled back and hadn’t had it highlighted at the time. Everyone who checked it said it looked nothing like me, and since it was out of state, caused red flags. And then they all said I didn’t look my age – now THAT part I enjoyed!

Yesterday was recovery day for me. Today’s been all about getting back into the swing of things with my kids. The baby’s still punishing me – doesn’t want to give kisses or hugs – and I’m hoping it doesn’t last long. He learned the word “no” while I was gone, and has learned it well. Must have heard it a lot. 🙂

So now I’m off to work on my submissions. Hope you all had a great week whether you were in Atlanta or not.