I spent all afternoon brainstorming a new book with my uber-cool mentor who, surprisingly, doesn’t think I’m nuts after she heard the twisted idea I’d come up with. (DH, on the other hand, cringes any time I bring it up.) I’m not going to tell you the idea – it is still in the brainstorming stage – but I have a question for you. What do you think of books with pregnant heroines? This is a single title RS, and while I’ve seen pregnant heroines in category books and ST contemporaries, I can’t remember the last time I read a ST RS with a pregnant heroine. Her pregnancy is pretty central to the plot, however, I could possibly write it without her being pregnant. It just wouldn’t be quite as “personal”.

So…thoughts? How do you all feel about pregnant heroines? (And no, this isn’t one of those – I’m pregnant, I need to find a man to be a stand-in father and take care of me and my baby books. My heroines are all self -sufficient.)