Picture Hell

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate having my picture taken? If not, let me say it clearly:

I hate having my picture taken!

I have to have this Golden Heart picture turned in to the RWA office by Monday. Needless to say, it’s been a major headache. (I know, poor me. But really, this is tough.) First of all, between my DH’s work schedule, baseball practices and life in general, finding time to get my picture taken either professionally or by the DH has been a nightmare. Add to that the fact my hormones chose this week to wig out on my face and the fact I had to wait to get an appt to get my hair done, oh and that I’ve been watching my nephew which means an added kid around the house – and you can see my frustration. Not fun.

So today, since DH was working from home and the weather was cooperating, I had the hubby snap some photos of me while the kids were napping. Let me just say…DH has no photographic skills whatsoever. He’s a great guy, but the camera is not his friend (or mine when it’s in his hands). We went outside. He took a bunch of photos in the park behind our house. All turned out like crap. I decided to change my clothes because maybe it was the shirt and not his skills. No go. The next set was equally (if not more) awful. Seriously. Heinous pictures of me. Must be that whole blinded-by-love thing because in every photo I have a stupid look on my face. Definitely not GH photo-material.

So, in a moment of despair, when I sent the DH back to his office and said “yeah, whatever, I’ll make due,” I handed the camera to my four year old and said, “Here. Snap some photos of mommy.” And guess what? Turns out HE has photographic skills!!! (Unlike his dad).

So, without further ado….here’s the photo (taken by my four-year-old) that I’m planning to send in for the GH:

What do you think? Joan’s going to photoshop it up for me and make me look pretty. I’m hoping she can take about ten years and ten pounds off. Wishful thinking? Probably. 😉