Recap & Word Count Update

The game last night was a blast. I love football in the fall – esp. September games (or late Aug) when the weather is superb. And it didn’t hurt the Beavs won. 😉 The newest phase of the Reser Stadium renovation is awesome. And the new scoreboard was phenomenal. DH got me a new vest too at the fan shop, and I wish I could post a pic. It’s so cool! Reversible – black on one side, orange on the other, puffy, absolutely perfect for the fall with a long-sleeved shirt underneath. I love it!

Okay, on to the word count. Because we went to the game yesterday and out with friends for dinner beforehand, I didn’t blow out the word count like I did on Wed. Only 1338 words total. But I met my goal of 1000 words, it was all in the WIP (LOL…not the new proposal) and I finished the scene I wanted to finish. Woohoo!

Next up is a very emotional revelation/love scene that’ll probably zap me. Hoping to get through it slowly but steadily this weekend as I get my 1000-words in.

How did you do yesterday?