Little Thrills

So promo is sucking up all my free time. But it’s okay. I’m actually kind of enjoying the promo stuff for STOLEN FURY right now. I know it’ll pass, but right now I get a little thrill every time I see something new. Like the fact STOLEN FURY is up on Amazon and available for pre-order…Or the Romance Sells magazine showing up yesterday with my ad right there on the same page with Allison Brennan…Or my editor sending me the revised cover of STOLEN FURY (see pic to the left or on my website) with Allison’s awesome quote…Or getting the proof for the cool bookmarks and sample booklets I’m ordering…Or the editorial assistant sending me the front cover material for the book and asking me to check it over. Now, this last one isn’t a biggie…I wrote the dedication and acknowledgements, and those didn’t change at all. But when I saw the scene snippet they pulled for the “teaser” on the first page, I had another little thrill. I think I read it three times. Stared at the computer and thought, “Wow. I wrote that!”

Luckily, I’ve got some great writing pals who don’t mind my emailing ten times per day with “Look at this! Look what I got today!” Because I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse.

What little thrills are you celebrating today?