How many of you had to suffer through watch this movie? I have a “tween”…she’s nine….and she’s in love with this series. Needless to say, I was stuck in a theatre on Sunday.

Twenty seconds into the first scene where the basketball jocks all break out into song during the middle of the championship basketball game, I leaned over to my daughter and said, “It’s a good thing your dad isn’t here.” She ignored me. My six year old son, however, who went with us because he foolishly figured ANY movie with popcorn had to be better than staying home, couldn’t agree more. He sat through the 2 hr movie with a frightened look on his face. And when it was over and we walked out of the theatre, his only comment was, “Mom? Next time *I* get to pick the movie, okay?” I called my hubby on the way home and told him he has nothing to worry about…his son is ALL boy.

There were some good things, don’t get me wrong. Though both of the first two movies in this “trilogy” were on TV, I never watched them all the way through, so this was my first time with the cast of HSM. I will admit that I did enjoy some of the dance numbers, and the romance between the two main characters was “sweet” (although very unrealistic…what 17 yr old boy do you know hides out in a treehouse with his girlfriend and DOESN’T put the moves on her???). And I like that it’s opened up my kids eyes to the idea of the arts. But as a parent, I kept thinking about how I’d have to discuss with my daughter the reality that real-life high school isn’t like this. Million dollar high schools with top of the line EVERYTHING (I’ve never seen a roof like that in my life!), dancing in the halls, double lockers and students dressed by Gucci don’t exist. At least not where we live. And sure enough, as we were leaving the theatre and before I could even utter a word, my daughter announced, “I can’t wait for high school!”

I’d much rather my daughter watch something wholesome like this rather than some of the other crap that’s out there, but I’m really glad this is (hopefully) the last movie and I don’t have to suffer through watch it again. At least until it comes out on video. Oh boy…