Another Great Review!

This one from Romance Junkies:

“STOLEN FURY has a complex plot with more twists than a pretzel, a sassy, independent heroine and a lush Latin hero. Naughton moves seamlessly from scene to scene and viewpoint to viewpoint in this story, foreshadowing bits and pieces of a puzzle but leaving enough details for surprises you wonʼt expect. Well-drawn and realistic, her characters almost leap from the pages. The stubborn, smart and beautiful Lisa represents characteristics many women would envy, and Rafe has a bad-boy exterior we all secretly crave. And, there might just be a softer interior there like the gooey center of a truffle.

Naughton has clearly done her research on both mythology and archaeology and the details all ring true. Descriptions of the Furies will make you want to look up pictures, and you can almost feel the dampness surround you during the scenes in underwater caves. Naughton has included a strong lineup of secondary characters, some of whom we may well meet again in the second and third books in the series. STOLEN FURY is a must-read for all fans of romantic suspense.”

–Katherine, Romance Junkies – Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

(The entire review will go live Dec. 30th…release day!!)