Happy New Year!!!

Wow, yesterday was such a rush! First off, thanks SO much to everyone who blogged about my book, gave my book away in a contest, sent mass emails to everyone they know telling them to buy my book (Tonia!!!), bought multiple copies, emailed me with pictures and updates about book sightings and phoned or emailed me congratulations and best wishes. I can’t tell you how much your enthusiasm for STOLEN FURY’s release made my day!!!

My super sweet girlfriend Tonia emailed me a bunch of pictures. Almost everyone who saw the book said it was facing out on the stacks and one of the Portland Borders even had it sitting out on their new release table.

Today we’re kicking back, watching the Beavers in their bowl game, and celebrating the end of 2008. I’ve been forbidden to check Amazon (Bethany!!!) and am going to just enjoy the day and bask in my release. Because of the holiday, I’m not blogging around the blogosphere today, but I’ll be back Friday with another list of appearances. However, Once Upon A Romance interviewed me and it went up today, so check it out if you get the chance. Also, if you happen to be in Oregon, buy a copy of the Statesman Journal. They did a spread on me and the book and the story was supposed to run today.

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you find peace, joy, health and happiness in 2009. And if you haven’t yet bought a copy of STOLEN FURY. Go do it!!!!!