Morning Rant

Have I complained about technology lately? No? Okay, here goes…

Technology is wonderful when it works. When it doesn’t, I want to rip my eyebrows out one by one. I won’t go into the nightmare that was my computer life most of December when I had computer issues. But I will tell you the simplest way to fix the darn thing was to wipe the hard drive. Irritating, okay, yeah, but not the horror it was the last time I had problems as I backed up all my work first this time. So I’ve been in the process of reloading programs over the last month and I have one program I need, which I can’t get to load! I’m so frustrated with this darn thing. I’ve tried everything…downloading the sample from their website, uploading the CD I bought…nothing works! The darn thing keeps freezing up. Gah!

In addition to that, Blogger is driving me nuts. For some reason it keeps uploading pictures as, like, negative images. Not sure what I mean? Check out Much Cheaper than Therapy today where I’m a guest. I sent them my cover and it’s uploaded the image as a negative. Blogger was doing this last week when I tried to post the new cover for STOLEN HEAT here. I ended up having to go through a separate hosting site to get the image right rather than simply uploading straight through Blogger, and it happened when I was guest blogging over at Something Wicked This Way Comes on release day last week.

In GOOD news, however, Barbara Vey over at the Beyond Her Book Blog on the Publisher’s Weekly site blogged about STOLEN FURY today, so that was very cool. I love hearing that locations come alive in a book. Especially mine. 😉 Hop over and check it out if you haven’t already. And like I mentioned above, I’m at Much Cheaper Than Therapy today, and I’m giving away an autographed copy of STOLEN FURY, so go over and comment!

And if that isn’t enough for you…the fabulous Ann Aguirre is also giving away a copy of STOLEN FURY on her blog. So stop by and see Ann as well!

How about you…any technology woes you want to lay out on the table this morning? Save my eyebrows and share you’re frustrations.