Crazy Busy Weekend

I used to dread Monday mornings when I was teaching. The weekends just weren’t long enough. Now that I work from home, the weekends are often no different than the weekdays, aside from the fact everyone’s around, interrupting my train of thought. This Monday though? Ack. I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

Saturday I had a book signing with Intrigue author Alice Sharpe at the local Borders here in town. It went well – we sold several books, got to chat with lots of people, were avoided by a bunch (mostly men) who had no clue what we were doing sitting there. 😉 As this was my first “real” signing (my launch party probably doesn’t count), it floored me how many people stopped by and decided to pick up my book after discovering it was the first in a series. Readers sure do love series books. (Lucky for me!) It’s always great to hang out with Alice, and she reaffirmed my decision never to do a single signing. Good friend Lisa Catto also came and kept us company the entire three hours, so that was fun as well. And Lisa – awesome friend she is – kept running off to the stacks and coming back with research books she said I couldn’t live without. I came home with a pile of archaeology books I can’t wait to dive into.

Sunday I “womaned” a table at the Writer’s Resource Fair in Portland with Kensington author Delilah Marvelle. Delilah and I were 2007 GH finalists together, and I don’t get to “hang” with her nearly as much as I’d like to, so it was great fun to sit and chat and talk writing and publishing with another newbie author who’s at the same stage in her career I am. Delilah’s first book – Mistress of Pleasure – released last September and picked up an RT nomination for best first historical just a month or so ago. Her second book, Lord of Pleasure, will be an August release alongside STOLEN HEAT. (Good thing we’re different genres!) I met a lot of writers and readers at the fair, got to chat about my books and talked up the RCRW Reader’s Luncheon in April. (If you’re in the Portland area, you WANT to go to this event…lunch, lots of free books, and a fabulous time…who can pass that combo up?)

Promo is exhausting but fun, and both events were well worth my time and effort to attend, even if I am tired today. I’m a little sad I’m not going to PASIC this week in New York, but Delilah has assured me she’ll fill me in on all the industry gossip when she gets back.

In other news…I got my cover flats for STOLEN HEAT and they’re beautiful. I still can’t get over how much the model on the cover looks like my vision of Pete. It’s truly weird.

So since I’m in the mood to chat about publicity…what’s the best book signing you ever went to? What made it so special?