Small Things To Be Thankful For…

1) Spring Break is over! (I’m a week late getting this up here, but I’m still thankful for it!)

2) Sunny 75 degree weather. Karin Tabke mentioned yesterday on Twitter or Facebook or one of those places that nothing beats a beautiful day in Northern California. Karin, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re wrong. Nothing, NOTHING tops a beautiful sunny and warm day in the Pacific Northwest. Clear blue skies, mild temps, no pollution, no humidity, snow-capped mountains in the distance and a lush green valley beneath your feet. Pure heaven.

3) My new proposal is done and off to my agent.

4) Birthdays. My 2nd Gremlin is about to turn 7 on Friday. Still hard for me to believe.

5) Opening Day!!!! The Padres are my team. They didn’t win their opener, but opening day is still a total rush!

6) The OSU Beavs starting their season with a bang.

7) Rockstar (’nuff said)

8) Nickelback

9) The fact Friday Night Lights got picked up for two more seasons!

10) The return of Denis Leary and Rescue Me (tonight!!!!)

So what things are you thankful for on this gorgeous spring day?