First Review for STOLEN HEAT

Just got this in my inbox:

Six years ago Katherine Meyer knew exactly where her life was going. She was finishing up her time in Cairo, and getting ready to write her dissertation for her doctorate in Egyptology; then Pete came into her life.

Anger, pain, and betrayal all vie for attention within Peter Kauffman’s brain, but his heart can only grasp onto one fact: Kat is alive, unbelievably and blessedly alive. Her death in a car bombing in Cairo six years ago was the most crushing time in his life, but it was also the catalyst to clean up his act once and for all.

The years have only succeeded in making Pete more attractive, but no matter how much Kat would love to throw her arms around him and never let go, she keeps her distance. His involvement with the stolen artifacts in Cairo six years ago broke something within her that may never be repaired, and her mistrust splintered their fledgling relationship. Pete cannot begin to wrap his mind around Kat’s
reappearance when all hell breaks loose around them. He should despise this woman who blew his heart to smithereens with her fake death, he really should, but in getting to the truth, he may find there is more than one person to blame.

Stolen Heat sets a pulse-pounding pace, whipping you up with a maelstrom of flying bullets and blistering kisses. The emotions are extreme, and the characters unrelenting in this action-packed and sensual romance. Pete and Kat whirl around each other like they are caught up in a tornado, flying apart and getting sucked back in with explosive results. Ms. Naughton hooks you with characters way too human to be perfect, and plot lines that are delivered with laser-like precision.

–Lototy, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
Rating: 5 Cups