30 Days of Freebie Giveaways!!! Day #1 – Guest Author M.J. Fredrick!

It’s here! The 30 Days of Freebie Giveways! For the next 30 days I’ll be hosting some fabulous authors here on my blog. You’ll get to learn a little about their writing and books, and every day I’ll have a contest for some kind of free goodie. Books, jewelry, gift cards…you won’t want to miss these prizes!

The rules are simple…just read the blog, when you see a prize you want, just answer the question at the end of the post and leave a comment in the comment section to be entered into the drawing. It’s that easy!!

So let’s get started!

I was stunned when Meredith and McDreamy were heading out of Seattle Grace, only to be accosted by McDreamy’s wife on Grey’s Anatomy.

I couldn’t believe that Buffy died in season 5 of, well, Buffy.

I fretted over who was pregnant on Friends.

And of course (you knew it would be here) I sobbed when Dean died at the end of season 4 of Supernatural. (The end of season 1 was a great cliffhanger, too, what with the Impala being mutilated in a crash with a semi and a demon standing over the unconscious Winchesters.)

Look for M.J.’s next book, BENEATH THE SURFACE, coming to ebook in September.

To be entered into the drawing for HOT SHOT, simply answer this question:

What are some of your favorite cliffhangers in TV?