Freebie Day #10 – Guest Author Avery Beck!

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Today’s guest author is Avery Beck!

One night of anonymous sex. Zero consequences. At least, that was the plan.

Dumped for another woman, Bree Jamison buries her white-picket-fence dreams—and her naturally shy demeanor—for a contract job behind the scenes of an erotic cyberstore. Her new life comes with a sexy public persona, and a driving ambition to earn a permanent position with the company.

On the day she’s prepared to present her best work, she’s shocked to discover her future depends on impressing her only one-night stand. The one man who could blow her cover and ruin everything.

Evan climbed out of poverty with sarcasm on his tongue and a ring in his eyebrow. He can’t believe the vixen in front of him is the same woman who fumbled her way through their single botched encounter. Her offer for a do-over is an opportunity he can’t pass up, not only to secure his reputation, but to satisfy his curiosity about the one woman he couldn’t please.

In a bedroom full of the company’s products, fiery arguments lead to experimentation—and then to a passion that strips away their masks. In that vulnerable place, their troubled pasts collide, baring secrets that force Evan into a hard decision. And Bree back on the road to heartbreak…

Welcome, Avery!


1) What kind of books do you love to read and how do those stories impact your own writing?
Between two kids and a writing career, I have very little free time, so when I get a moment to read I need a short, fast-paced story—I am a category-length romance girl at heart, so it’s no surprise that I chose to write it as well. Lighthearted novels with happy endings are my favorite to read and write, because they serve as a great distraction from the drama and negativity of the real world.

I also enjoy reading nonfiction on psychological and sociological topics–the way people relate to themselves and each other. Parenting, marriage, and mental health are a few issues I’ve studied recently. Not only is this interesting and feeds my itch to learn new things, but the information can be very useful for character development in a story.

2) What are you working on presently? What about upcoming releases?
I have two works-in-progress at the moment: the second book in a paranormal romance trilogy and a steamy contemporary mixed with a bit of suspense. Having written several straight contemporaries, I’m trying my hand at other sub-genres and am excited to see how these stories turn out. Keeps my mind off the two manuscripts I’ve got floating around in submission-land…

My second published novel, a contemporary romance titled For His Eyes Only about a troubled young woman struggling to escape objectification who finds solace in the arms of a fashion industry mogul, releases in digital format from Samhain on November 3 of this year. Both this title and Sexy by Design will release in print in 2010.

3) What’s the best compliment you ever got on your writing or book(s)?
It’s a tie between “I loved it from the start,” and “I stayed up past midnight finishing it”!

4) What’s your writing schedule like?
Usually, I work from 7 pm to midnight, every night. I try to squeeze in administrative and promotional duties during the day while my kids are at school. If I’m approaching a deadline, I spend Saturday mornings at the local Starbucks with a frappuccino and my laptop.

5) If you could be one character from any book you’re read or written who would it be and why?
I’m supposed to pick one gorgeous, smart, talented, successful woman who has the devoted attention of a gorgeous, smart, talented, successful hunk? That’s a tall order…but I have to say my favorite character is the heroine of one of my submission-land manuscripts. She’s pretty, independent, and so driven there’s nothing in the world she can’t do, except confess she’s crazy in love with an old friend who belongs to someone else…she thinks. I love a good reunion story!

Thanks so much for being here, Avery!

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