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Today’s guest author is Liane Spicer!

Londoner Shari Zamore’s carefully constructed world is falling down around her ears, so she runs away to her family’s home in Trinidad where she encounters Michael Chancery, a stubborn, sexy man determined to make her face all the things she desperately wants to forget. Her plan is to love him, leave him, and then return to the life she left on hold. But Michael doesn’t give up easily, and he’ll use every tool in his sensual arsenal, every moment of each heated tropical night to convince Shari that her place is on the island…and that his heart belongs to her.

“… a steamy, hot romance… I loved this book because of its brilliant flavor, rich aroma and the way it perked up my spirits.”
– Romance Readers at Heart

“Even if the reader has never set foot in the Caribbean, the sights and sounds, perfectly described in this book, will make you feel like you’re there… throw in some unexpected drama, and you’ve got yourself an entertaining novel.”
–Romantic Times Book Reviews

Please welcome Liane to the blog!


1) What kind of books do you love to read and how do those stories impact your own writing?
My tastes run the gamut from the classics to romance, from thrillers to sci-fi, memoirs, biographies, the works. The exception is anything containing extremely graphic violence. There are two key elements in my choices, and genre isn’t one of them: one is story, and the other the quality of the writing. Reading has been a lifelong addiction and having spent most of my life immersed in books writing them seemed the next logical step. The impact of all those books on my own writing is visceral; I’m incapable of analyzing it.

2) What are you working on presently? What about upcoming releases?
I’m working on licking my second novel into shape. It’s romantic suspense and although the main characters are from the Caribbean, the setting is Miami this time around.

3) What’s the best compliment you ever got on your writing or book(s)?
My agent, Susan Schulman, was the second person to read my manuscript. (The first was a friend who read the first draft.) Susan said she loved the story and the writing and wanted to rep me, and I was floored because it was my first feedback from an industry pro. When she sold Café au Lait a few months later she said something along the lines of: “I’ve been in this business a long time and I can tell. You’re a writer. It’s what you do.” To date, her compliments are the ones I cherish the most.

4) What’s your writing schedule like?
I fit it in when and where I can since I do have a day job. I’m a moody writer in the sense that I write when the mood strikes me, so I need to develop the kind of routine where I sit and write whether or not I feel like it. I’m working on finding that discipline.

5) If you could be one character from any book you’re read or written who would it be and why?
I’ve never wanted to be anyone else but I do admit that the Isadora Wing character from Erica Jong’s How To Save Your Own Life makes me rather envious of her free-spiritedness and lack of inhibition, what with her two lovers in the afternoon and her headlong dive into a love affair with a friend’s son. If I had to wear someone else’s skin it would be hers or that of someone like her – but only in my fantasies!


Liane has donated a copy of CAFE AU LAIT to one lucky commenter. To be entered into th drawing, simply answer the following question:

Whose compliments do you cherish most and why?