SWAG? And other ramblings…

I think I have post-contest let-down. LOL After a month of whirlwind blog guests and giveaways, my measly posts feel rather boring.

Ah, well…

I mentioned below that I was in Montana all last week visiting family. My SIL (brilliant!) is an econ professor at the University of Montana in Missoula. My brother is going to grad school at Montana State in Bozeman. I, of course, didn’t realize they belonged to two different schools until my brother gave me an MSU sweatshirt that was too small for him and claimed his wife would never wear it. Quick, I am, I tell you…but that’s a whole other story. Montana is beautiful, and we had a great trip. And a road trip right after the release of STOLEN HEAT was a good idea because I got to sign stock all over the Northwest.

That’s me signing stock at Wal-Mart in Missoula.

So now that I’m back from vacation, my blog appearances for HEAT are winding down and I’m feeling human again, I’m back at the grindstone working on that second paranormal book. It feels good to be a working member of society again, and in another three weeks my house will be quiet so I can actually get work done during the day.

This Friday I’m the guest at the Beaverton Powell’s book club meeting. They chose STOLEN FURY for their August read and asked me to come up and visit about the book. I’ll be signing, answering questions and chatting about FURY and HEAT and the whole Stolen Series. If you’re in the area, the book club meets in the World Cup cafe, just outside the Beaverton Powell’s store. Meeting starts at 7pm.

And then…lucky me…I get to have throat surgery next week to try to repair the damage done to my vocal chords from my hospital stay in June. This first surgery is really minor – just to close the open (paralyzed) left vocal chord and try to figure out what the real problem is. I don’t expect it to be a big issue except for the general anesthesia (oh, joy!) and the fact I can’t talk at all for three days after. (Obviously, my doctor has never been to my house…he has no idea what this is going to be like for me…) But, the good news is hopefully after this surgery I will no longer sound like the 2-pack a day lifelong smoker I sound like now. (And no, I’m not now, nor have I ever been, a smoker.)

Okay, I think I rambled enough. I do have a question I need help with tho…for the Powell’s book club meeting on Friday, the organizer told me to bring whatever SWAG I wanted. I’m not so hip on the urban dictionary, so I had to look it up. I’m guessing she didn’t mean ‘scientific wild ass guess’ though I like that and now have to figure out a way to slip that into a book somewhere. I’m assuming she meant ‘stuff we all get’. So……..you tell me…what kind of giveaways should I take to the book club meeting? What would you like to get?