The Better Sex Diet

I saw this yesterday on the Today Show, and it was so interesting I thought I’d repost it here.

Food and sex are two of the strongest and most closely linked human desires.

“The satisfaction from eating a delicious meal and the satisfaction from having sex both activate pleasure receptors in the brain,” says Audrey T. Cross, Ph. D., formerly a professor of nutrition at Columbia University’s School of Public Health. “This explains why humans often associate eating with sex.” And while the notion of aphrodisiacs is largely unfounded, there are certain foods that can energize you, trigger your libido, and give you stronger orgasms. Eat these foods regularly for a boost in the bedroom.


Share a dark chocolate dessert
Order that post-dinner cup of joe. Coffee drinkers have higher libidos and hit the sheets more often than those who don’t indulge, according to a study conducted by Southwestern University. And add real sugar. “Sugar releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that provides a brief euphoric feeling,” says Abby Aronowitz, Ph. D., author of “Your Final Diet.”

Interesting, huh? Who knows if it works, but I could definitely stomach everything on that list. Except maybe the sushi. Blah!