30 Days of Treasure Hunting! – DAY 3 – Genene Valleau!

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CHASING RAINBOWS drops you into the world of a young woman who yearns for a “normal” family, but instead has an eccentric aunt, an inventive uncle, a mother who wears poodle skirts and a brother who wears pearls. However, none of her family can discourage the man who knew she would be his wife from the time her faux breasts fell on his spit-shined shoes.

Today Genene is giving away a a plush white Christmas stocking that contains an autographed copy of FEATHERS ON THE FLOOR, a white angel bear, and an angel ornament. All you have to do is answer this question: What are the names of Julia’s Cabot’s children in FEATHERS ON THE FLOOR?

Welcome, Genene!


Are Angels Real?

So far, I’ve written two holiday stories for publication: FEATHERS ON THE FLOOR, which has been described as a “feel-good Christmas story,” and CHASING RAINBOWS, which will be released on Valentine’s Day 2010. I enjoyed writing both of those holiday stories and yes, more holiday stories are being planned.

Since we are in the middle of the Christmas season, a blog post about FEATHERS ON THE FLOOR seemed appropriate. In that book, Julia Cabot’s four-year-old twins firmly believe in angels, and wish for an angel for their mother, who arrives as sexy bodyguard Mitch Garrison. After the twins are kidnapped, celestial beings seem to guide the way to rescuing the children–just in time for a Christmas morning celebration.

What about in the lives of real people? Do angels visit people like you and me? From stories both online and in books, many people say yes, they have been visited by angels. These visits have been described in a variety of ways: as a voice sternly warning not to go into a certain store that the person later found out was being robbed, or hands taking over the steering wheel of a car to avoid an accident, or a ten-foot tall being in white robes standing between a person and danger. Whatever form they take, real-life people say angels have come to them in emergencies, in times of great sorrow or serious illness, or as reassurance that their deceased loved ones are doing fine.

Critics may explain these incidents as hallucinations or tricks of the light or label people who believe in angels as “crazy.” However, stories of angel visits continue to accumulate every day.

My celestial experiences don’t involve white-robed, golden-haired visitors. My experiences usually come as an inner voice that steers me in day-to-day situations. Oh yeah, and I see angels in the eyes of my herd of doggies who offer love, trust, forgiveness and sloppy kisses with great joy.

How about you? Do you believe in angels? Have you had an experience with angels you’d like to share?