30 Days of Treasure Hunting! – DAY 20 – Alix Rickloff!

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Today my guest is author Alix Rickloff!

In an attempt to combine her love of the Regency era with her weakness for great swashbuckling sword and sorcery fantasy, Alix Rickloff created a race of humans known as the Other whose bloodlines mingle and merge with those of the faery realm.

These men and women must traverse a knife-edge between the everyday world they inhabit and the shadowy realm of the Fey who make their cunning and sometimes treacherous presence known all too often.

Her awards include a final in the 2007 Golden Heart, while Romantic Times Magazine calls her writing, “compelling and original”.

You can find her on the web at www.AlixRickloff.com.

Alix’s latest release is DANGEROUS AS SIN:

In 1815 London, passion and duty, human and Other collide…

Morgan Bligh has honed her body and her magic into weapons, but she’s always lived by her heart. Yet to defeat a traitor whose unspeakable dark power threatens both her worlds, she must forget her feelings— because her partner in the hunt is wicked war hero Cameron Sinclair. He’s broken her heart once, and from the looks of him, he could do it again…

Cam Sinclair wants nothing more than to forget the horrors he’s lived through. He’s done his duty for king and country, turning himself into an assassin and an outcast in the process. Chasing after a sadistic murderer with a sultry Amazon who hates him seems unbearable. Yet though the beautiful Morgan chafes his every nerve and they’re both in constant danger, he can’t help but wonder if this second meeting is truly a second chance…

Alix is giving away a two-fer today! Copies of both LOST IN YOU and DANGEROUS AS SIN! Just answer this question: What was the name of Alix’s first completed manuscript?

Welcome, Alix!


Hidden Gem or Fireplace Fodder?

Any reader who’s browsed author websites and read the short bios usually contained there, knows that most writers started at a young age. Scribblings on loose leaf paper, stapled together for the family’s enjoyment. Diaries and journals for the more organized. Perhaps even chapter books typed and printed out with color covers for the highly motivated perfectionists.

For most of us, those tales ended up in boxes with old report cards, school photos, and refrigerator artwork our parents saved through the years. Dusty. Forgotten. The writing bug faded along with our wish for a Christmas pony, Tiger Beat magazine, and Members Only jackets (you know you had one).

But some of us held to the dream. The stories kept coming. The characters kept talking. Empty notebooks filled with plot after plot as we found our voice and honed our craft. Stories we now pray never see the light of day. Cringe-inducing prose our younger self thought was the height of perfection. (Right up there with Austen and Dickens, surely!)

Were you infected by the writing bug? Any stories in your attic? Are they better off forgotten, or are they lost masterpieces just waiting for someone to discover their hidden genius?

Write and let me know!