30 Days of Treasure Hunting! – DAY 26 – NY Times Bestselling Author C.L. Wilson!

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My guest today is New York Times bestselling author C.L. Wilson!

C.L. Wilson is the USA Today and NY Times bestselling author of the Tairen Soul series, which combine epic fantasy and romance. She loves reading, writing, and torturing her characters mercilessly. When not working, she enjoys relaxing with her family in sunny Florida and daydreaming of a world where people exercise in their sleep and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is a fat burning food. (Hey – it could happen!)

C.L.’s latest release is QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS:

The Tairen Soul series tells the story of Ellysetta Baristani and Rain Tairen Soul as they struggle to defeat the darkness threatening to consume their world, ensure the survival of the immortal Fey and the tairen (the great, winged fire-breathing cats of the Fading Lands – think gigantic jaguars with wings), and complete their truemate bond.

In the previous books, Ellysetta (who was raised as the adopted child of a mortal woodcarver and his wife) discovers that she is, in fact, a powerful immortal and the truemate of an infamous Fey king (Rain). She must struggle to accept the powerful magic that is her birthright and learn to control it. But as she becomes

In QUEEN, the first deadly battles of the new Mage Wars have been fought, and victory has been won at a terrible price. Though the last clutch of tairen kitlings has hatched from the egg, ensuring at least a hope for future generations of tairen, Rain and Ellysetta have been banished from the Fading Lands for wielding the forbidden magic. When they discover the High Mage of Eld has been building an army of mythic proportions and will soon unleash its evil might on the mortal kingdom of Celieria, Rain and Ellysetta race against time to rebuild the ancient alliances and prepare for the coming, cataclysmic battle. Meanwhile, the seeds of Elden evil planted in the court of Rain and Ellysetta’s Celierian allies are finally coming to fruition.

As the toll of an unfulfilled matebond and the torment of war begins tips Rain towards madness, Ellysetta knows if she cannot find a way to defeat the darkness growing inside her and complete the truemate bond, Rain will die and she will become the prophesied monster Vadim Maur uses to destroy the Fey and enslave the World.

Note: QUEEN was originally supposed to be the fourth and final book in the story, but at the last minute my editor and I realized I simply had too much story left to fit in a single book and we made the decision to cut QUEEN into two. I’m currently finishing the fifth book and will be announcing the official release date soon.

C.L’s giving away a copy of QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS today to one commenter. Today’s question is a two-parter:

a. What was the original name of the manuscript that became LORD OF THE FADING LANDS and LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS?

b. Name the five magics wielded by the Fey and the sixth, forbidden magic (English and Fey names J)