30 Days of Treasure Hunting! – DAY 30 – Vonna Harper!

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My guest today is author Vonna Harper!!

Rumors that Vonna was born with a pencil behind her ear are exaggerated. Her mother would have remembered. She does recall being in about the third grade and staring fixated at a box of stationary. She had no interest in writing letters, just wanted to fill the white space. Her earliest success with pencil and paper featured comic books with the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver as the hero.

Long story short, Vonna has been writing for so long she no longer (if she ever did) has any other marketable skill beyond rudimentary gardening and dog walking. One of the early erotica writers, she writes for both print and epublishers and fully embraces new publishing technology as long as she can keep her old workhorse of a computer.

Known for her capture/BDSM stories, Vonna wants to make it clear that her real life is nowhere near that exciting, unfortunately. But she dreams of being carted away by Tarzan as long as he’s a believer in deodorant.

Vonna’s latest release is WINTER OF THE BEAST:

Dio of the Puma clan is a skilled warrior and hunter. What he doesn’t feel prepared for is his new role as ruler of a clan with few women. Does he have the necessary leadership and compassion or will his need for sex dominate? Only the massive, mysterious Beast knows.

When her cruel husband casts her out, Tawia can no longer call herself a Falcon. Her future a frightening unknown, she heads into the wilderness as winter approaches. The Beast watches.

Captured by the enemy warrior, Tawia fights her body’s demands. Trust is as incomprehensible to her as the relationship between Dio and the great puma. But neither man nor beast are willing to set her free.

Today Vonna is giving away a signed copy of her Aphrodesia release, TAMING THE COUGAR, to one lucky commenter. Just answer this question: What’s the name of my one Samhain book?