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Copyright Elisabeth Naughton (January 2010)
Dorchester Love Spell
ISBN: 978-0-505-52795-0

Hailey’s eyes narrowed. “What do you want?”

“Answers. Unofficially,” Shane added before she could spout off anything else about her lawyer. “But mostly to help you.”

Those blue eyes of hers searched his face, and he could practically see the wheels turning in her mind. Along with a great big dose of I-don’t-think-so.

“You want answers?” she said. “Unofficial?”

He nodded slowly, thinking she was capitulating way too quickly, but thankful he wasn’t going to have to pry it out of her.

“Fine. I’ll answer … Read more »

OMG, awesome AWESOME concert. We had such fun. I had no voice, couldn’t sing along, but I could dance. And it was a total blast. Nickelback didn’t sing the one song I LOVE from the new Dark Horse Album, so I’ve posted it in below. But they DID sing all my other favs, in addition to Highway to Hell (WOW is all I can say) and Friends in Low Places (hilarious!). Even the DH was rocking out with me.

Okay, now on to the post at hand. Today’s Saturday Snippet is supposed to be something humorous. This is taken from … Read more »

Saturday Snippet – STOLEN SEDUCTION!

She heard laughter and music, glasses clanking and the sounds of ESPN’s SportsCenter from the bar when she stepped out into the darkened hallway. No Shane. Breathing easier, Hailey turned and ran smack into one very hard, very familiar chest.

“You made a wrong turn at Tallahassee, Officer Roarke.”

Heart thundering against her ribs, she looked up, thankful the hall was dark enough to camo her bruises, and saw that sexy lopsided almost-smile of his. What would it look like at full grin?

“I…” Thump, thump, thump. In an instant she got lost in those smoldering eyes just like … Read more »

Snippet Saturday – Opening Scene!

Today’s Saturday Snippet is openings. This is the opening for STOLEN HEAT, which releases NEXT Tuesday, 7/28/09!!!!


Excerpted from STOLEN HEAT:

Worthington Fine Auction House
Downtown New York City

All things considered, she looked pretty good for a six-year old corpse.

Katherine Meyer checked her reflection in the bathroom mirror one last time and smoothed a few wild strands of hair back from her face. The black slacks and matching jacket were perfect, not one thing about them the slightest bit memorable. No one glancing her direction tonight would ever see anything other than
the professional assistant … Read more »

Snippet Saturday – Fight Scene!

Her feet skidded on the icy sidewalk. She nearly lost her balance twice before she reached the entrance to the dark alley.

Where her mouth fell open.

If she’d thought Pete needed protecting, she’d been wrong. He had Busir pinned against the side of the brick building and was easily in complete control of the situation.

Blood trickled down his temple. Redness and the beginnings of what looked to be a nasty bruise were forming near his eye. But what stopped her cold was the look of pure malevolence in his eyes as he stared into the face of a … Read more »

Snippet Saturday – First Kiss!

He glanced up at the sound of her husky voice. Gone were the black jacket and ice-pick heels. Barefoot and wearing only the slim black skirt and tight-fitting camisole that accentuated her curvy figure, she walked back toward him. Arousal punched through his gut again, shutting down his brain in the process.

“My feet were killing me,” she said.

And she was killing him. His mouth went dry.

She accepted the wine he handed her. “Thank you. What should we drink to?”

A night of mindless sex.

His eyes followed the glass as she lifted it to her lips. … Read more »

Saturday Snippet – NEW!

She was toast.

She sure felt like it, anyway.

Lisa flopped onto her back and stared at the ceiling in Shane’s extra bedroom. She’d slept all of about two hours last night. Partly because she’d still been anxious over the accident, partly because she’d spent way too much time fantasizing about the sexy Puerto Rican asleep on the couch on the other side of the door.

What the hell was she doing? She was in way over her head with this guy. She’d almost jumped him last night. Probably would have, if he hadn’t shuffled her off to bed like … Read more »