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I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor’s lyrics are echoing through the vast empty space that used to be my brain. (Recognize that from Marina’s Bane? Love that line.)

So, here’s how my weekend went:

Linda and I were discussing her work, and a manuscript she’s toying with rewriting. Casually, off the top of my head, I said, “Yeah, I would love to sit and rewrite parts of Wait For Me, up the suspense, etc.” After all, it’s THE story that got me writing, not my first manuscript, but the one that has been in my head the longest, the one I always … Read more »

Bloody Bay – Negril, Jamaica

I’ve got to figure out a way to work this into a book!

Aside from being a beautiful spot, the history is fun. Way back when, whalers used to drag their catch into the bay and slaughter them. The bay got its name because the water would turn red from all the blood.

Oooh, I see a murder plot forming… Posted by HelloRead more »

The Dreaded Partial…

That should be a good thing, right?

Sheesh…one would think so.

But add some self-doubt, a sprinkling of fear and toss it all together with previous rejected partials, and you have a writer who is second guessing everything she’s ever done.

Ugh…enough obsessing already.

I received a request for a partial. Woopie, yahoo, yadda yadda yadda. Not getting excited here. This particular agent has rejected each of my other manuscripts after a requested partial. Obviously, something about my query letters draws her attention. And consequently, something about my first chapters turns her off. Hence why I’m not overly excited … Read more »

Haystack Rock – Oregon Coast

Just because it inspires me. Posted by HelloRead more »

Those Darn Girl Scouts

I hate ’em. Actually, I hate three of them. And they’re all related to me.

I conveniently forgot I’d ordered cookies since my darling nieces live an hour south of us and we rarely see them. I honestly thought I’d dodged the cookie bullet for another year. Stupid, stupid me. Now, I can avoid the Easter candy. Cakes and homemade cookies don’t do a number on me. But set out a box of Girl Scout cookies and I’m doomed. And what do I now have sitting on my kitchen counter? Four, count ’em, four boxes of those damn cookies calling … Read more »

Today is a new day

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Crud Monkeys

I can think of more colorful words, but don’t want the cuss-police on my tail. So I’ll just take a page from Tick Calvert and say, “My life sucks.”

Heard from Kern today. I’m now in the mood for chocolate and wine…and possibly tequila. So what does that mean? Pass. No reason why. No explanation as to what caused them to request the partial, no reason as to why they didn’t want to see the rest. Just a beautiful form EMAIL rejection. Fabulous. Now THAT makes me want to write.

And what really burns is that they kept my SASE, … Read more »

Lake Tahoe

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Hello out there…

First Post. Wow, I think maybe I’ve figured this thing out. Thanks to Linda for pressuring me into this. Peer pressure always works on me. Does that mean I have no backbone?

Still waiting to hear from Kern on requested partial of Marina’s Bane. Biting fingernails…

Sent out 12 queries last week. No responses yet.

Wrote an entire chapter in wip, Science of Silence. Too bad it’s like chapter 12 and I’m only in chapter 4 now. But progress is progress.… Read more »