The Countdown is On

I made the mistake of checking the calendar today. Did you know there’s only three weeks until Nationals? Eee-gad. Not good.

I have three weeks to figure out how I’m going to fit back into my regular slacks. My son is five months now, it’s time to lose this baby weight. I’m tired of it. People tell me I look good. Yeah. Right. They’re just being nice. My SIL said yesterday, “Wow. You look good. Are you running a lot now?” Hello. I had a two-week bout with bronchitis. I’ve just started running again. (hack, hack, cough, grumble grumble). SIL is 24 wks pregnant. Of course I look good compared to her. I don’t look pregnant! (BTW…I hate her. She has just the tiniest little bulge of a belly, and she looks cute and perky and gorgeous. And she just started wearing maternity clothes. Hate her. (said with all the love I can muster up right now.))

Which brings me back to this baby weight. Gotta figure out a way to get it off. I was back in my regular pants by the time Gremlin #2 was 3.5 months. Something’s not right here. Of course, I was in my 20’s with him, and I’m now in my 30’s (shhh…don’t tell anyone), but that’s no excuse. DH says I was more dedicated to working out after Gremlin #1 and #2. This time (so he says), I’m more interested in writing.

Well, yeah. And someday my writing’s going to get you that little sports car you want, DH.

So baby weight (sorry, got sidetracked there). Linda’s considering the Special K diet to lose six lbs. Piper’s going drastic and may cut off a leg or two to drop her weight. Somewhere in between seems like a better fit for me. (Have an aversion to blood. Hacking off my legs might not work.) I’ve done the low carb thing – and while it worked great the first time, anytime I tried after, it didn’t work so well (think my body just remembered and said “No way. Not this time.” Maybe I should just wire my mouth shut. Yeah. That’d work. Of course, baby might not like it – kinda limits what he gets.


Will have to ponder this some more.

In the meantime, I’ll obsess over my agent search, Nationals and the three weeks left to get an agent BEFORE Nationals. My days are dwindling. I sooo want to give back my agent appointment and enjoy the conference without stressing about pitching.

And I’d really like to be back in my regular slacks by then. Maybe I should hit the grocery store and get some Special K.

Or a hacksaw.