Will Branson Fights Back


She thinks I’m a villain? Back the train up, Missy. I’m not a villain. I’m hero material, chica. Have you not seen me? Blond hair, stone gray eyes, one nice, hard body. I’m every woman’s fantasy, and YOU think I’m a villain?

Right. Think again.

I’m the sheriff of this po-dink county. That right there makes me honorable. And aren’t YOU the one who said you liked flawed characters? Well, babe, I’ll admit I’ve got flaws, but you’re uber-writer, you can work with that.

Okay, okay. So I did a few bad things. But hey, if soap characters can rape and murder and be redeemed and turned into heroes, so can I. And that first murder? Technically, not really my fault. I wasn’t the only one there, yet you’re pinning this one on me. Not fair, chica. And the second? Please. That was self preservation. I had no choice. Besides, you can’t hold that against me. It was seventeen years ago. For crying out loud, I was just a kid.

I’ve learned the error of my ways. (Hee Hee Hee…)

I just need a good woman to set me straight. *evil grin* Actually, I’ve got the perfect one in mind. Dark curly hair, ebony eyes, a sinful body. Yeah. She’s perfect. There’s just one problem. You’ve turned her attention toward that obnoxious psychiatrist. He’s the real villain. Don’t you get it? He’s the one behind all of this.

Do you honestly think you can pin the villain label on me, and I’ll just sit back and take it? Are you really that stupid? No way you’re getting away with that. Somebody will suffer for this. Mark my words.

Villain, my ass. I’m a hero, damn it.

A hero.