Heroine Material?

“I don’t want to be a heroine.” Lisa flopped onto a bench on the boat, her bangs lifting in the slight breeze. Crystal clear blue water sparkled behind her, sunlight glinted off the white deck. “Damsel in distress, woe-is-me attitude. It’s not me.”

With a heavy sigh, Maren tossed the paperback book at her feet, straightening from her spot on the red cushions of the chaise lounge. “Watch it.”

Lisa shot her a look. “You did whine. Quite a bit, I think.”

Maren’s brow raised. “Don’t go there. I had reason to whine.” Studying Lisa, a smile quirked at her mouth. “And I can’t wait to watch you suffer. We’ll just see how much whining you do when it’s your turn.”

“I don’t want to be a heroine,” Lisa said again. “Doesn’t She get it? I’m not heroine material.”

Laughing, Maren crossed her bare feet at the ankles. “Please. Do you think I wanted to sleep with Declan? She doesn’t listen to anything we have to say.”

“Oh, my God.” Lisa’s face paled. “You don’t think She’d do something like that to me, do you?”

Smiling wider, Maren nodded. “You don’t stop your bitching and complaining, She just might.”

“Damn it.” Lisa slapped the bench. “I don’t want to be a heroine. I’m almost forty. My chances of getting hit by a truck are better than finding a husband after the age of forty. I don’t do happily ever after.”

Maren’s eyes rolled. “Give it a rest, Maxwell. She’s a romance novelist, She doesn’t listen to statistics or pay attention to rules.” Reaching for her book, Maren flipped it open, settled into the cushions. “If you’re so worried, stop talking to Her.” She glanced back up again. “And aren’t you supposed to be diving, anyway? We still haven’t finished excavating Leonard’s ship.”

Lisa pursed her lips and tipped her head. “Aren’t you supposed to be stressing out about meeting Thad’s parents? They’re on a flight in, I do believe.”

Maren’s eyes darkened, and she turned back to her book. “You’re such a bitch. Thanks so much for reminding me. You know, I hope She tortures you. I can’t wait to watch.”

With a scowl, Lisa stood, eyeing the scuba tanks on the deck. “I have a sickening feeling you’re going to get just what you want.”