Procrastination is an ugly, ugly word.

I am avoiding chapter 22 like the plague. And I don’t know why. I’ve written – maybe- two pages on it today. It’s dark and depressing and I really hate what I’m doing to my characters. But it was inevitable. I know it was inevitable.


So here’s me today:

Get up, check email. Oooh…a request. That’ll keep me busy for a while.

Feed kids, get the oldest off to school.

Check email. Oooh. A rejection off query. There’s a mood buster.

Pick up crap around the house so the cleaning lady can actually clean.

Go blog hopping – waste a lot of time.

Print partial for request. Sit and read.

Revamp synopsis – that sucks.

Glance at chapter 22 of WIP. Not looking all that appealing.

Finish request, write cover letter, seal it all up.

Look at chapter 22 again. Not looking any better.

Go loop hopping. Hmmm…big discussion about erotica vs. erotic romance on the RWC loop. Not my thing. But if it’ll help me waste some time…okay, I’m in. Sit and read.

Make lunch for kids. Contemplate making cookies. That could waste more time. Yeah. Like these hips need anymore sugar and carbs. (Hello, Elisabeth. Sugar IS a carb.)

Look at chapter 22 again. Write half a page. This really sucks.

Aha! Baby’s awake. I’m off the computer for a good stretch.

Baby’s back asleep. Damn. Pull up chapter 22 again. Pull out hair at the roots. Why is this so hard????

Go to kitchen, eye a Corona in the refrigerator. Hmm…glance at clock. What time is it? Not even 3pm?


I have a serious, serious problem. I should just throw in the towel and go balance the checkbook. (Yeah, right. Like THAT’LL put me in a better mood!)