A lightbulb goes on in the middle of a storm

I think I may have figured out my problem with Chapter 22 of the WIP. Playing the avoidance game hasn’t worked. So yesterday, while sitting in the middle of a hail storm at the OSU vs. Boise State football game (Yes, you read that right, WHILE I was being pelted with dime-sized hail nuggets), I realized the problem I’ve been having is that the setting for the scene I’m trying to write just isn’t working. It works…but it doesn’t work for what comes next. So…I’m off to change that and see if it helps (please say it will help, please say it will help.)

In other news…The Beavs won (woohoo!) and even though it was miserably wet, we had a great time at the game yesterday. And the new and improved Reeser Stadium ROCKS! Eat your hearts out Ducks…once the other side is done it will be BETTER than Autzen!!! (It already is…OMG…it has escalators!)