A Night In The Life…

Took the gremlins to see Zorro last night. I won’t bore you with a crit of the movie, but I will share one thing. *sigh* Antonio. It’s just so not fair that men get better and better looking as they age. I could sit and listen to his accent all day and never tire of it. Of course, Gremlin #1 (who is 6) said, “Ew! Mommy has a crush on Zorro!” *sigh, again* Yes, dear. She does. The DH just rolled his eyes and shook his head. (And didn’t say a thing because he got to watch Catherine Zeta-Jones in all her busting-out glory.)

However, for all the action of the movie (and the gremlins both thought all that icky kissing was just too gross to even watch), the highlight had to be when Gremlin #2 (who is 3) leaned close to my ear during the climax of the movie and said, “Mommy. Mommy. Smell my shoe,” and then proceeded to shove his smelly-ass tennis shoe in my face. Let me tell you, it pulled me right out of that sensual haze I’d drifted into watching Antonio save the world on the big screen. What is with boys?????? I just couldn’t watch when Gremlin #2 sat back in his seat and stuck his own nose in his shoe and smiled.

Ew. I’m afraid Antonio might forever be ruined by the memory of that shoe.