Happy Birthday To Me

Yep. That’s right. I am one year older today. And it sucks. I feel older. Actually, I’ve felt older since having gremlin #3 (who, by the way, has turned into lightning-fast-crawling-but-silent-man and gets himself into more trouble than you can even imagine).

And I’ve had a really great day, too. We’re having the MOTHER of all storms here, so I have no desire to even venture out of the house. The DH is deathly ill and working from home – two headaches rolled up into one great big migraine. Not only does he feel icky, but he needs it quiet so he can work. Do you know how hard it is to keep a 3 yr old quiet????

On top of all that, I mailed a requested full to a big agent in NY Tuesday. Great, right? No! Not great. Not at all! Of course, I edited and read and got the ms in tip-top shape to send it off, but then today glanced at it because I’m entering it in the GH. And it hit me – BAM – all of the sudden. The reason I’ve been stressing about the category I’m entering is because the first scene doesn’t have a suspenseful-enough hook. So what did I do? I rewrote the first scene today, made it gel with the first chapter. And I like it much better. And CRAP I already mailed the freakin’ thing to NY!

I’m so screwed.

Live and learn, right? Ay ya ya…

Happy birthday to me.