This time I really did do it

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. I’m thankful it’s over. The house is now back to normal – well, messy, but normal – and I’m looking forward to school starting up again tomorrow. (My, how my view has changed from my teaching days when I dreaded the start of school.)

I’ve been slack. I will admit it. Aside from the hectic beat of the holidays, I was knee-deep in revisions and, wouldn’t you know it, doing those revisions on the ancient laptop with limited internet access while my laptop was in the shop…yet again. (Don’t even get me started on that one!)

However…I finally finished the revisions on MB. Yippie! Giving the thing one last read through before sending to the critique partners. (Oh, they’re so thrilled to be getting this…again).

And…I finished my contest final entry and submitted it with a whole day to spare. (Yes, I am a procrastinator.) Looking forward to getting back to the wip. I really like this story and these characters.

Oh, and my laptop is back, although I’m not convinced its fixed completely. Still having a few issues, but I’m not taking it back in right now.

I’m not one for resolutions…I’m smart enough to know I’ll never stick to them…but I do believe in putting your best foot forward and giving it your all. I have an obsessive personality (gee, bet you never knew that, huh?) so I’ll keep plugging away until I meet my personal goals, be that this year or next. (Although sooner would be better rather than later.)

Will try to post more often once life settles down again (read…kids are back in school).

Happy 2006!