It’s Official

I get the worst mother of the year award.

Gremlin #1 (she’s 6) lost tooth #5 yesterday. Actually, she pulled it out herself, which I find very strange, but that’s a whole other topic. She was quite excited, stuck the tooth in a plastic baggie and slipped it under her pillow. In my mother-stupidity, however, I forgot about the blessed event when I went to bed last night. Needless to say, she awoke this morning very upset to learn the tooth fairy had not visited and that her tooth was still under her pillow.

I’m wracked with guilt.

Dumfounded, DH and I scrambled for answers. Luckily, the bright girl gave us an out when she announced she’d been awake every hour last night waiting to see the tooth fairy.

Voila! That’s why she didn’t come! Because you were awake every time she tried to take your tooth!

Not sure she’s buying it. Good ol’ mom already screwed up Christmas when Santa used the same wrapping paper that we do (uh…gotta be smarter next year), AND put toys in gremlin #2’s stocking that gremlin #1 helped Daddy pick out for the boy.

I’m in big trouble. And now I have to go read her a few chapters of Prince Caspian to make up for my utter stupidity.