It’s Tuesday, and I just got home from the gym. I’m pooped, and the brain isn’t quite firing on all cylinders yet.

Must. Have. Coffee.

So, since I have nothing new to add today, I’m going to redirect you to some people who have lots of interesting things to say.

CAROL‘s feeling chatty, and her brand new baby is adorable. Check him out. TERI‘s singing the praises of the Seahawks (Are they really in the Superbowl? Wow . . . I just so don’t even follow pro sports.) and sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear from her agent. LIN‘s celebrating the good stuff in life – always a nice thing to do and remember, and PATY‘s kicking butt on her WIP. (Paty, can you come kick mine while you’re at it? Better yet, can you kick my obnoxious hero and heroine instead? These two are driving me looney.)

Surprisingly, there are a few people out there who have even less to say than I do. Don’t believe me? Check out THIS BLOG, and THIS ONE, too. Pa-the-tic. (And yes, girlies…I’m trying to guilt you into picking up the pace here.)

Enough rambling. Back to the WIP with my trusty carafe of steaming caffeine…