Getting Back In The Groove

I am the kind of writer who has to write every day in order to stay ‘in’ my character’s heads, to keep my muse flowing. Any change to that schedule can put a big damper on my flow. And unfortunately, that’s the problem I’m dealing with right now.

With lofty goals to finish the WIP in 3 months, I am now looking at the thing thinking, ‘what the heck was I thinking?’ Due to some strange twist in the space-time continuum which I will never understand, I find myself (suprisingly) at the end of that three month mark and only halfway through the darn thing. Where did the time go? What did I do with it? It’s got to be a consipiracy. That’s all I can figure. I should be done with this manuscript by now. But I’m not. I’m not even close.


I can see the scenes, I can see the ending, I know how it’s all going to play out, but I just can’t get there. It’s not a lack in ability or even motivation. It’s not a block – at least not an internal one. It’s an external block that keeps getting in my way. Holidays, birthdays, guests, construction crews, sick kids, requests and revisions, and the biggest obstacle at this point – a computer that doesn’t want to cooperate. One that has been in the shop three times in the last three months and is (lucky me) gone yet again. Lump it all together and it means no writing on the WIP – or very little.

So, as a woman who doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, and one who will someday be in big trouble when she has real deadlines, I’ve resolved to get this baby done by Spring Break (end of March), one way or the other. And hopefully I’ll get a jump start on the thing when I head to the beach for a writer’s retreat this weekend. So girls, if I lock myself in a room and simply write instead of chitchat, you’ll know why. 😉