Mild Mannered Alter Ego

You’re all so sweet. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Believe me, when I can, I’ll be posting my news right here. So stay tuned…

That said, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the psuedonym issue. The name I use in my writing is my maiden name – Elisabeth Naughton. When I first started writing I decided I wanted to publish under my maiden name and keep my married (legal) name under wraps. There were a variety of reasons, but most related to my kids. I talked it over with my DH and he agreed. Since then, I’ve established my web presence with my maiden name, have met a lot of fellow writers under this name, feel comfortable with it (I also like the way it sounds).

But (and there’s always a but), if I’m going to change it, now is the time. Before I sign any sort of contracts. I’ve reserved both domain names just in case I ever changed my mind. And I wouldn’t have given it a lot of thought except that my DH made a comment the other day about my not wanting to use his name in my publishing career. He’s very proud of everything I’ve done, and he has a lot of faith in my career. And while he’s never come right out and said it, I think a part of him feels bad that I haven’t used his name.

So I’m taking a poll. (Although I’m not telling you what my married legal last name is, so that might skew your answers). What do you think? Maiden name? Married name? Has the name issue ever been something you’ve debated? And if so, how did you come to your answer?