Good Things

Last week Theresa posted about good things happening in threes on her blog. I never really put much store in stuff like that, but today am thinking maybe she’s on to something. Over the past week, three good things have happened here:

1. Out of the blue, I got an email from my best friend from high school. We haven’t spoken in over two years, and while nothing happened to sever our relationship, the different paths of our lives caused us to drift apart. I think of her often, add her to my email updates about my kids, but have accepted that we don’t have a lot in common anymore. Then, voila, there’s this great long email from her. I was tickled pink. We emailed back and forth and are planning to get together soon. I couldn’t be happier.

2. DH got a raise. Normally, this wouldn’t be such a wonderful thing, but this time it was unexpected and impressive. He woke up one morning to a message from his district manager saying in rare instances the company compares employee salaries and performance with comparable market trends, and they decided he wasn’t making enough money. So they bumped him up. We were thrilled.

3. And finally…what was that last one again????? Oh, yeah. I remember. That news I hinted at last week.

Karmela was wrong. I didn’t make a sale (although that would be very cool). You have to actually be subbing to editors to make a sale, which I have not been doing. However, I will be soon.

So, my news is that I signed with Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency. She’s very enthusiastic about my book and she’s going to start pitching it in the beginning of October. So wish me luck. A fourth ‘good thing’ happening here would be icing on the cake.